Hey Snowballers!

By now there should be NINE of you and the ice should be effectively broken!  Are you guys having fun yet?

Welcome to Jesse & Diane’s house, good friends of your Snow Patrol fearless leader and creator, John Pick!  We also have a surprise for you--have you been hanging out with LINDSAY all this time?  SURPRISE, Snowballers!  She’s one of US!  Lindsay is our Snow Patrol operative who has covertly been making sure that things have been running smoothly and you guys have been having a great time.

Lindsay is going to teach you some improv games to play to get you REALLY out of your shells.

The first game is called SOUNDS LIKE A SONG!  Here’s how you play, but Lindsay will also go over all the rules in person.

The second game is a little more complicated.  This one is called SCENE THREE WAYS.

First, break into teams of 3. Try to team up with people you HAVEN’T seen in your previous brackets.