Hey Snowballers!

By now there should be TEN of you and the ice should be effectively broken!  Are you guys having fun yet?

Welcome to Manzanita Community Garden!  If you’re here, you should be greeted by your Silver Lake Snow Patrol member, Sarah!  (Everybody say, “Hi, Sarah!”)

She’s going to teach you some improv games to play to get you REALLY out of your shells.

The first game is called BEASTIE RAP!  Here’s how you play, but Sarah will also go over all the rules in person.


  • First, pick a monosyllabic name that’s EASY to rhyme with (ex. Mark)

  • Next, start clapping and make sure all Snowballers are clapping in a 1-2 rhythm (pause on 1, clap on 2)

  • Next, a person will start the rap like so, rapping to the rhythm of the clapping:  “I know a guy/girl, his/her name is ________!”

  • The person who starts the rap will NOT shout out the name.  Instead the group will shout out the name selected (in this case:  MARK!)

  • Going clockwise, the next person will rap to the rhythm, improvising a clue about Mark, but NOT filling in the last word of the rap that rhymes with Mark.  Instead, the group will shout out the word that fits.  Here is an example below:

    • Clue:  He has a bite, but has no…

    • Answer:  ...BARK!

  • See how this works?  Keep going until someone gets stumped and then pick another name!

  • If you have any questions, not to worry--Sarah will go over it again with you!


The second game is a little tougher--this one is called PARTY QUIRKS or DOCTOR, DOCTOR!  Here are the rules again, although Sarah will go over it in person.


  • First, break into two teams of five.  Mix it up so you’re not in your original 5 person brackets.  For each round, one group of five will serve as the audience and another group will serve as the improv team performing.

  • Next, select which group will be performing first while the other observes.

  • Once the team is selected, determine which person will be the party host.  The other four team members will be party guests.  The party host will be “diagnosing” or figuring out what “party quirk” each of the other party guests have.

  • Have your party host go hide and cover their ears so they can’t hear the audience!

  • Once the party host is hidden away temporarily, have the audience give each party guest an “ailment” or quirk the party host must figure out.  These quirks will determine your character and each party guest must perform the character WITHOUT revealing what it is outright.

  • For example, if an audience member chooses “Thinks they’re a Kardashian”, the party guest with the quirk will have to behave, speak, and act like a Kardashian in order for their party host to guess what their quirk is.

  • Once every party guest has been assigned their quirk, bring the party host back in.  They will begin the “scene” pretending to get ready for a party.

  • As they are preparing for a party, each party guest should “ring the doorbell” to be invited in by the party host.  They should start acting our their quirk right away!

  • As the party host figures out what each quirk is, they should work the answer in naturally to the scene and use it to ask their guest to leave.  Using the example above:  “It seems like I can’t keep up with you since you think you’re a Kardashian and maybe you should go now!”

  • Continue the scene until all party guests’ quirks are figured out or until the party host is completely stumped!

  • Once the round is done, teams swap and the audience now performs as the party host and guests.