Welcome to Silverlake Lounge, Snowballers!  This is the diviest of dives in Silverlake, but this is the heart of the boulevard.  By now there should be four of you!  Say hello and high-five if you feel so inclined!  Grab yourselves a good table, gang, and get a round of drinks to get your evening rolling here.

A good dive bar is like a good therapist.  What is about the dim lights, the 70’s aesthetic, the gruff looking bartender with a heart of gold that makes us feel safe enough to share our most deepest or mundane or silliest details of our lives?  

Sometimes we need some help though.  Sure, sure, alcohol is great for liquid courage--but your challenge here is to play the M&M’s game to get to know one another.

Here are the directions for the M&Ms Game:

  1. Figure out who has the earliest birthday according to month only.  That person goes first, followed the second person going clockwise and so forth.

  2. Open up your bag of M&Ms

  3. Take out ONE M&M at a time.

  4. Answer the question that corresponds to the color you’ve pulled.

  5. One full round is completed after each Snowballer has pulled an M&M and answered a question.

RED M&M - Tell us something that terrifies you

ORANGE M&M - Tell us something you do well

YELLOW M&M - Tell us something about your childhood

BLUE M&M - Tell us something you learned last week or recently discovered

BROWN M&M- Tell us something you can’t live without

GREEN M&M- Tell us (or show us on your phones!) something you find hilarious


Go as many rounds as you can until you run out of M&M’s and swap out what the colors mean if you’d like to mix things up!  Here are some ideas you can change to change them up!



RED M&M - Tell us the last time you were in love

ORANGE M&M - Tell us your favorite sexual position

YELLOW M&M - Tell us who your favorite person is

BLUE M&M - Tell us your favorite movie about love and why

BROWN M&M- Tell us which celebrity you have a crush on (or real life person if you’re not coupled up!)

GREEN M&M- Tell us about the last time you cried


M&M’s ALT Round #2

RED M&M - Tell us something you’d like to be better at or work on in 2018

ORANGE M&M - Tell us something embarrassing that’s happened to you

YELLOW M&M - Tell us who you wanted to be when you grew up

BLUE M&M - Tell us something that annoys or upsets you

BROWN M&M- Tell us something difficult you’ve recently gone through

GREEN M&M- Tell us the best thing that’s happened to you in 2018