Hey Snowballers!  By now, there should be five of you!  Welcome to L&E Oyster Bar.


They say oysters are an aphrodisiac, did you know? Grab some snacks and drinks and then grab a seat with your team.


So how many times have you sat down next to a stranger at a party or a bar and had the BEST conversation ever, Snowballers? Next thing you know, you get up to go to the bathroom, come back and they’re gone. What did they look like?! What was their name…? We would hate for that to happen to you again!




Your challenge here at L&E Oyster Bar is to not let your newfound friends get away! Grab five cocktail napkins and the pens that were provided for you at the hostess stand.  


Next, assign each of yourselves a number 1 through 5. No Snowballer should have the same number twice! Then, have each person grab a pen from the bag. The number written on the pen is the person whose portrait you are going to draw on your cocktail napkin!*


*If you drew your own number, trade numbers with the person seated clockwise next to you.


Get to drawing, Snowballers! Use your own unique, signature style with your art or use techniques like blind contour or pointillism. While you’re drawing, go around the table and tell each other the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten. Why was it significant to you at the time? Who told it to you?  Was it a stranger in a bar? How does it still help you out to this day?


Once you are done with your drawing, make sure to sign and date your beautiful piece of art in the corner of the napkin. At the bottom, write your favorite quote. Give it to your fellow Snowballer to keep and treasure!