Hey Snowballers!  By now there should be five of you, congratulations!

Welcome to your round of Snow-Bingo at Black Cat Restaurant and Bar in Silver Lake!  

Hang out on the front patio, make yourselves comfortable and grab a drink if you're so inclined.

Below is your Snow-Bingo card!  Congratulations!! Snow-Bingo has become a famous activity in Snowball Party circles. Try to get as many of the boxes as you can!  We will specify if it needs to be a stranger (non-Snowball related), a Snowballer, or can be anyone. If you’re asked to record or take a picture of it, feel free to upload it to Instagram and use #lasnowball.

Please be mindful that although we encourage you to connect with strangers, please do not interrupt anyone eating a meal as a courtesy to our fellow Black Cat patrons. Thank you, Snowballers!

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