welcome to snowball


Welcome to the Silver Lake Dog Park!  Take a moment as soon as you get here to look around at all the dogs and really get a big smile on your face before you start your Snowball adventure.  There are three of you here, so high-five each other and give a big Snowballer group hug when you introduce yourselves!




Your challenge at the Silver Lake Dog Park is for you and your fellow Snowballers is to go on a Doggy Scavenger Hunt!  Introduce yourselves to some of the dog owners here and ask to take a photo with their beloved pets.  Ask them how they got their dogs and how they chose their names.  Below are 10 dogs you should try to look for--can you find and get pictures with all of them?  


  1. A brown dog

  2. A pitbull or pit mix

  3. A dog small enough to fit into a purse

  4. A dog with spots

  5. A dog missing its tail

  6. A puppy

  7. A terrier or terrier mix

  8. A pure breed

  9. A dog that can’t stop smiling

  10. A Labrador or Lab mix


Lastly, if you are a pet owner, share with your fellow Snowballers any photos or videos you may have of them.  Share your own story about how you found them and how you knew they were “The One”!




If you’ve ever had a pet, you know that it doesn’t get much better than being greeted by a dog after a long, hard day of work.  On the Nat Geo series reboot of “Cosmos”, host and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson breaks down the origins of dogs from the domestication of wolves, explaining that in exchange for food and shelter, wolves provided humans with much needed protection in the wild.  They eventually evolved to become man’s best friend--not only shielding us from potential dangers, but also evolving to love humans unconditionally as a signature trait of their species.


In addition to protection, copious evidence suggests that having a dog could extend the lifespan of its’ owners by up to ten years by alleviating stress, anxiety and depression that can cause unnecessary health problems over time.  Something as simple as a paw on your hand or having loving eye contact with your pet can significantly raise serotonin levels, the biochemical compound responsible for regulating feelings of well-being and happiness.  Just take a look around, Snowballers...how much better has your day gotten just by being here?


You could argue then that finding the perfect dog is akin to finding a perfect partner--somehow we instinctively know when something is meant to be.  Whether they were the “runt of the litter” or “saved from a shelter”, dog owners are quick to say how they they fell in love and just knew their dog was “The One”.