welcome to snowball


Welcome to Dangerbird Records!  An indie rock label in the heart of Sunset Boulevard. meet your two fellow snowballers at the street corner.

Dangerbird Records was founded in 2004 by musician Peter Walker and executive Jeff Castelaz and boasts a roster that includes hit bands such as The Silversun Pickups and Fitz and the Tantrums.

A few years ago, Dangerbird Records commissioned to have a mural painted on the SE corner of their building that asked passersby to “Stand Here and Think About Someone You Love.”  It became a cultural landmark for Angelenos who did just that.


At the start of 2018, Dangerbird painted over this iconic mural, but the sentiment behind this corner has not been lost.  Although the words are no longer there, what it means remains as a memorable imprint for LA locals who walk past and still think about their loved ones.

Your challenge here at Dangerbird Records is to take your own picture in front of their new mural. Smile big and get creative with your pose--but most importantly, remember what this corner stood for:  to stand here and think about someone you LOVE. 

Before you take your photo, think about your family.  Think about your friends.  Think about your friends who have BECOME your family.  And then think about someone specific that comes to mind.  Why are you thinking about them?  Who are they to you?  Share with your fellow Snowballers who you thought of as they took your picture and what they mean to you.  

Once you’ve all taken your photos, take a minute or two to reach out to that person you thought of.  Send them a text along with your photo and say:  “I just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you.”  Say anything else you’d like to; make them smile the way that you are hopefully smiling right now thinking of them.

Lastly, take a group selfie together against the new mural to celebrate the new friends you’ve made today and hopefully will remain friends with after.