welcome to snowball


Welcome to Sick City Records! Every place in LA has it’s go-to spot for the best vinyl records--Amoeba in Hollywood, Counterpoint in Franklin Village--for Silver Lake residents, it’s Sick City Records. There should be two of you here, so once you recognize each other, run over and give each other a hug and a high-five!


Your challenge here at Sick City Records is to create a self-care playlist to give to your partner.

Revisit those old songs, musicians and albums that helped you get through a difficult time in your life. Find those albums and write down an essential playlist in your Notes app to email to your Snowball partner before you leave.  List any song or album recommendations that could potentially help lift their spirits in the future.

Remember to take pictures of every album you can find! Share with each other what it meant to you at that time in your life when you needed this music the most and how it helped you take care of yourself.




Science has proven time and time again that music can help us transform our ability to process the world around us.  In “The Power of Music”, author Elena Mannes suggests that the right kind of music can effectively alter our moods and perspectives and thus has biochemical and holistically beneficial properties by simply listening, even passively.  

Some of our greatest musicians and songwriters have credited music with being a form of self-care--a buzzword that reminds us to look inward and not neglect the love we have for ourselves, something we can all admit we have difficulty doing sometimes.  They acknowledge that writing provided a cathartic pathway towards healing and esteem.  Stevie Nicks wrote about being grief stricken following her breakup from Lindsey Buckingham on “Rumours”, “Cat’s in the Cradle” painstakingly absolves a broken relationship between a father and son, Jay-Z’s “4:44” is his appeal for redemption and honors his growth as an artist--serving as a musical love letter for his wife, his city, and his culture.  

How many of us can credit a song, musician or album for helping us get through some of our greatest heartbreaks?  Whether they made us laugh or cry or jump around and dance, they were paramount in lifting us up out of our darkest hours.  Music can be truly transformative and we are emotionally wired to absorb the intentionality and complexity behind it as a way of relating to each other and ourselves.