welcome to snowball


Welcome to Secret Headquarters!  A not-so-secret comic book store and Silver Lake local favorite.  There should be two of here so give each other a hug and introduce yourselves once you recognize each other!


Your challenge here at Secret Headquarters is to discover your own inner superheroes. Take a look around at this treasure trove of stories and let it inspire you to create yours. Ask each other the below questions to get your gears turning while you explore the shelves.

Next, have your partner draw a superhero logo for you on the provided index card with colored pencils and Sharpies. Keep this index card folded up with you in your wallet to remind you of this day and what it means to YOU to be this superhero.  Pull it out and use it like a Bat-signal whenever you need to find strength, courage, or to remind yourself of who you are.  Not all superheroes wear capes--but they can at least have a badass logo.

After you are done, take photos outside Secret HQ in superhero poses with your new logos taped to your chests. Take a look at some of the stylized covers of superheroes past and mimic them!



  1. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

  2. What is your superhero name?

  3. Who or what do you fight for?

  4. Why do you fight?

  5. What do you hope for those that you love and the world?


  • Index cards (x4)

  • Black Sharpies

  • Colored pencils

  • Tape



Comic books had long been an underrated median of storytelling, but with Hollywood and the mainstream finally embracing this “nerd” culture and flocking to events such as Comic-Con, comic books have become more than ever a critical part of building narratives about who we are as a society, as individuals, and what we as both hope for.  Just as X-Men serves as an allegory for the fight for civil rights or The Walking Dead a parable for the consequences of the impending downfall of political and social institutions, comic books have always used our inherent battle to maintain the dignity of HUMANITY as consistent themes.

The OG comic book character that exemplifies all of this, of course, is the SUPERHERO.  Superman originally appeared as an otherworldly caped crusader in DC Comics in 1938 during wartime when Americans were in search of hope from the daily struggles of an increasingly volatile world.  In 2018, the underlying values of who Superman was meant to represent in the 1930s are still very much needed and relevant today.  
As a cultural icon, Superman was known for fighting against all the evil in the world that sought to destroy us.  But what he was really fighting for was the endurance of LOVE in the midst of evil--love for all that is good, that is right, for Lois, but most importantly, for humanity itself.