welcome to snowball


Welcome to Spellbound Sky!  A quaint boutique shop that specializes in healing crystals, potions, and everything to help you become LA-good-vibes-only!  There are two of you here, so give each other a HUGE hug and introduce yourselves!


Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer in new age philosophies, it’s difficult to argue how vital it is to our well-beings to embrace nature.  Take a look around at the crystal selection here that are mined and cultivated by the earth.  Notice how every crystal is labeled with its name and what it represents something that you may need or seek in your life, such as stability, protection from negativity or happiness.  

Select a crystal that represents something you wish for yourself.  Then meditate on your partner for a minute or so--we know you just met them, but let the universe or your intuition lead you and select a crystal for something you wish for your partner.  Take pictures of the labels for both.

Share the photos of the crystals you picked out with your partner.  What did you wish for yourself why?  Why do you wish for them?  What compelled you to wish that for them?

Next, ask an associate in the store if they demonstrate and give you both a sage cleansing.  Thank them once they’re finished.

Lastly, step outside and discuss with your partner how you feel right now.  Are you still a skeptic?  Maybe a believer?  If you still have time before your next location, finish your visit here by reciting the one below prayers of gratitude for nature and the universe that you feel aligns with your own belief system or say your own!  There are four to select from, but each person should do one.



Hawaiian indigenous prayer


Let us give thanks for the world around us.

Thanks for all the creatures, stones and plants

Let us learn their lessons and seek their truths,

So that their path might be ours,

And we might live in harmony, a better life.


May the Earth continue to live,

May the heavens above continue to live,

May the rains continue to dampen the land,

May the wet forests continue to grow,

Then the flowers shall bloom

And we people shall live again.



Pawnee prayer


Oh, Eagle; come with wings outspread in sunny skies.

Oh, Eagle, come and bring us peace, thy gentle peace.


Oh, Eagle, come and give new life to us who pray.

Remember the circle of the sky; the stars, and the brown eagle,

the great life of the Sun, the young within the nest.

Remember the sacredness of things



The Rabbinical Assembly of the United Synagogue of America


Light and Darkness, night and day.

We marvel at the mystery of the stars.

Moon and sky, sand and sea.

We marvel at the mystery of the sun.

Twilight, high noon, dusk and dawn.

Though we are mortal, we are Creation’s crown.

Flesh and bone, steel and stone.

We dwell in fragile, temporary shelters.

Grant steadfast love, compassion, grace.

Sustain us, Lord; our origin is duest.

Splendor, mercy, majesty, love endure.

We are but little lower than the angels.

Resplendent skies, sunset, sunrise.

The grandeur of Creation lifts our lives.

Evening darkness, morning dawn.

Renew our lives as You renew all time.



Hildegard of Bingen


God is the foundation for everything

This God undertakes, God gives.

Such that nothing that is necessary for life is lacking.

Now humankind needs a body that at all times honors and praises God.

This body is supported in every way through the earth.

Thus the earth glorifies the power of God.




It’s difficult to remind ourselves to get back to nature living in LA.  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the stress and responsibilities of our lives that we forget that we are surrounded by so much NATURAL beauty just outside of the city.  Think about Joshua Tree, Yosemite, Big Bear--think about how we escape to these places when we need to “just get away from it all”.  What is it about nature that gives us so much LIFE?


And it’s not just the physical elements of our world--have you ever had something happen to you you can’t explain?  Was there ever a time you felt like something or someone was looking out for you and you couldn’t explain it away with logic or reason?   Perhaps there is something to be said about how the universe and nature are inextricably connected to keep us happy and healthy.


It’s easy to criticize this brand of spiritual ideology, what with living in a city of yoga or hiking and “good vibes only” brunches, but there is actually a lot of science that supports the idea that nature can cure what ails us.


Based out of Avila, California, Operation Surf is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that specializes in therapy through nature--specifically the ocean--by teaching veterans of war who suffer from PTSD how to surf.  Strong evidence suggests that merely being out in the water and experiencing the calm of the sun or the sound of the water is enough to reverse PTSD and improve neuroplasticity.

And what about these bundles of sage everybody owns?  No doubt you’ve seen this sold in an Urban Outfitters.  But the act of smudging and burning of sage that has been used to ward off “evil spirits” has been proven to neutralize positive charges in the air and then release large amounts of negative ions into the atmosphere.  It can also remove up to 94% of harmful bacteria in the air for up to 24 hours, that can help us feel more energized and more positive.  This could quantifiably be seen as a shift in “energy” and nature aiming to heal us--and how amazing is that?