Welcome to the Gold Room.  Grab a booth and some drinks and play some drinking games. Pick 1 or 4.  Your time must involve 3 spontaneous hugs and someone must break into rap at one point.  YOU MUST!



  1. The game starts by either player writing out the title MASH at the top of bar napkin.

  2. Both players contribute to writing a list of categories like where you live, how many kids you have, who you marry, and what your job is.

  3. Each player thinks of three answers for each category, and writes them in a column under the category title.

  4. on another napkin, player 2 makes tally marks. When player 1 says 'Stop', player 2 stops drawing marks and counts them.

  5. Player 1 or 2 counts each item down the page (starting with the MASH), and crosses off the answer that they land on. For instance, if four lines were counted in the swirl, every fourth answer is crossed off the list. This continues until there is only one item in each category. Each letter in the title is considered an answer and should be crossed off accordingly.

  6. The remaining items are considered to define the Player 1's future.




Before this game, players all get together to draw up a list of 25 or so events that would trigger a strong reaction from anybody. Some examples could include:

Being invited to Buckingham Palace

Coming unexpectedly face-to-face with their favourite celebrity

Getting caught up in a bank robbery

Finding a dead mouse in a sandwich

Winning the lottery

Doing a bungee jump

The topics are put into a hat and players take it in turns to pull one out and act out how they would react – scream, cry, wince, foam at the mouth, etc.


The first of the other players to identify what they are reacting to scores a point.



One player is nominated to be the doctor and must leave the room. Everybody else must decide which never-before-seen, bizarre medical ailment they are all suffering from. Some examples might be:

Believing you are Kim Kardashian

Imagining that you have elephant-sized ears

Fear of the colour red

Believing the TV is a god, to be worshipped

Having to SHOUT every third WORD that you SAY!

An obsession with bananas

Utter hatred of your left leg

When the doctor re-enters the room, s/he must observe the patients for two minutes then diagnose their mystery illness. A faulty diagnosis means they try again. A correct analysis means somebody else gets to be the doctor.



Write the name of a famous person on a Post-it note and fix it to the forehead of one of the players, without them seeing what has been written down. S/he has to work out which celeb s/he has become by asking questions of the other players that can only be answered ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Players may wish to consider asking the following:

Am I female?

Am I alive?

Am I a singer?

Do I regularly appear on telly?

Have I ever punched a TV producer?

Do I have any super-injunctions out?

Am I Harry Styles?

The ‘celeb’ has up to 20 questions to discover his or her identity. Note: It is best to give them people they will have heard of. It may be a stretch to expect Granny to get Lethal Bizzle.


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