welcome to snowball


Welcome to Out of the Closet!


Take 8 minutes to peruse the racks.  As you do, find one item in the store that you feel has some magic.  It could be a t-shirt, a toaster, a pair of rollerblades…

Once you have picked your object, write a letter (use your phone) to your object’s next prospective owner.  

What are his/her virtues, strengths, weaknesses?  Is your object excited, dejected, non-plussed?   What is the history of your object?  What breakups did it observe?  What were it’s high moments? Low moments?  What would this object desire in it’s next owner?

Make it great!  

When you’ve completed your letter, post your letter and picture of you with your object to Instagram.  Tag @thesnowballparty and #lasnowball.