welcome to snowball


Welcome to the wonderful House of Intuition.


Your Intuition Led You Here. We are dedicated to helping people achieve healing, transformation, empowerment and personal growth.


Great you got ½ hour to work on all 4 of those things.


First let’s help you find your intuition. First, use your intuition to find the other person in the store on the Snowball. Once you guys have found each other, give each other a hug. Next, find a mutual force of intuition, and without speaking, guide your way to objects that you both agree on in the store.  Start with a gem, candle, and finally work your way to the book section.  Find a book (without speaking) that speaks to both of you. Find a page that feels right. Be patient! Which is the page for the two of you. Then read from the page aloud to each other. Now that you have control of your voice, take a walk around the store.   

Intuit 3 more things.  Share with each other what drew you to them. Then head outside to the patio and ask yourselves these questions.




1.  What is healing to you?  

2.  How have you healed?

3.  What tools do you use to heal yourself?

4.  What in your life, has felt transformational?

5.  What does it take to transform oneself?

6.  Tell your partner(s) about your intuition.

7.  What did you first intuit about them when you found them.

8.  How’s your 2018 going?  How will you grow.


Tag a photo of yourself and post to #LASnowball and tag @thesnowballparty