welcome to snowball


Hello and welcome to Stories, Home of many interesting books and even more freelancers on their laptops. Find your snowball partner outside and high-five and say “Snowball!”  

Meet at the book The Secret Language of Birthdays.  Head to a table and Look yourselves up. Look each other up. Maybe you guys are compatible. Look up your exes? Your current lovers?  


Start an alarm on your phone 12 minutes in the future. Decide on a cool alarm sound you both like.  Step 2. Decide on a book together to pull from the bookshelf. Open to the first page and read the first sentence. Discuss it for ten seconds. Pick up another book and read the next first sentence. With each first sentence you read, imagine and share your ideas about what this book might be about. Continue finding first sentences until the alarm sounds. When the alarm sounds, make a video of your two favorite sentences. Then...ask yourself "what's your sentence?" What is one sentence that best describes you? How do you want to be remembered when you are gone?"

Write that sentence.  Show your partner.  Text it to 5 people in your phone.   Tag @thesnowballparty and #lasnowball.