welcome to snowball


Welcome to More buy and save! Head inside to the flour section and meet your partner there. Congratulations: you are the parents to a “Flour Baby!” Do you remember this activity in high school? It was to make you learn the reality of taking responsibility of a child.


Now its responsibility is to spread love.


Buy a bag of flour. This will be your “child” for Snowball. You are its parents. You must protect it and make sure he/she makes it to the end… happy, joyous and unscathed.


Once you’ve chosen your flour, then name your flour baby and find things to dress it up with/make it unique You can dress it up as well. What gender is it? What is its life purpose? Does it have a mantra?  


You must introduce the Flour Baby to as many people as possible on the Snowball. And each “Flour-Sitter” has do something special with it. Snuggle with it in a blanket. Put it in a barber chair. Give it to a stranger to dance with. WIth each encounter the Flour Baby has, write on it’s skin/sack what that experience was.  Also take a photos of the  experience your Flour Baby has. (Post to IG, tag @thesnowballparty, #lasnowball)


You must know where the flour baby is at all times.  When you complete the Snowball, you must present Snowball President Barack Snowbama the life of the flour baby. Oh, and there is another Flour Baby on the Snowball. Which ever FlourBaby has served the most purpose in it’s Snowball Life, his/her parent’s will receive a prize….