welcome to snowball



Welcome to Historic Carroll Street.

Carroll Avenue is one of Los Angeles' first suburbs, and bears its name well, as it brings the city many tourists and visitors. The Victorians are now used as private homes, as they were in the 19th century.

Take a tour of the street. Enjoy the houses.


Some Fun Facts:

The house at 1345 Carroll Avenue was used in the final scene of Michael Jackson's Thriller.  Look it up on YouTube (moment at 10:35)

The house at 1329 Carroll Avenue was used as the home for the main characters in the supernatural drama television series Charmed.

The house at 1324 Carroll Avenue was use for the main home in Adam Sandler's 2006 comedy Grandma's Boy.


Your Snowball Task:

Pick a house. Invent a love story for a couple who live in the house. How did they meet? Where did they come from? What did they love about each other?  


Then write letters (use your phone) as each of your invented characters to their lover.


Your letters must include the following elements: a mutton pie, an earthquake, a “special feeling” felt, a balanced checkbook and Charlie Chaplin.


Finally, take a photo/video of you reading your letters against backdrop of the beautiful house and post to Instagram. Include your love letter so as to inspire the masses with love and creativity! Tag @thesnowballparty and #lasnowball.