Okay, I’m sure you all have some tales to tell by this point. Grab some happy hour booze and food will you, you’ve got a long haul ahead of you!


Like Buzzfeed and Cracked.com, your task is to create some LISTICLES, yeah I’m not sure about that name either, but it is what it is, I mean what else would it be, right?


Here are your topics (see how many you can get through):


  1. The 15 best/worst ways to breakup with someone.

  2. The 4 best sexual positions.

  3. The 8 Great Alternative Ways to Get From Point A to Point B

  4. The 15 Most Inappropriate Dinner Conversations

  5. The 10 Halloween Costumes NO ONE Should Ever Wear

  6. The Definitive Ranking of All 12 Months From Best to Worst

  7. Each share you best kiss.


Don’t forget to include little snippets as to why each point was included on your list. Feel free to google popular listicles if you need a bit of help with formatting, etc.


Once you have completed the four listicles above, you can move on to The Ultimate Challenge (if you have time).


For TUC, you must come up with your own listicle topic, you must have at least 7 points on your list. Be as creative as you can!


Discuss and proceed. Arguments are encouraged, fighting is not, well…


This lists must be tangible, like on a napkin or some sh%t like that.


Oh, by the way, there’s some leeway here, but there IS a right answer and if the answer is not “right” you will be judged accordingly.


Ready set GOOOOOO!!!!