welcome to snowball


Hello Snowball Olympians and welcome to Pershing Square!  


Are you feeling like some Winter Olympics?   


Head to the middle of Pershing Square, home of the Holiday Ice rink. Find your partner by doing the ice dancing move of your choice.   They will see you and you will see them.


Now once you are all together, create an imaginary ice dancing routine. decide on roles - two skaters, one very intense coach/stage mom. Pick a song that works. Dramatic, comedic, romantic?


Your routine must include: a fist pump, a move where you both say the word "broccoli" simultaneously, a balloon that drifts into the square, and a simulated kiss.  


Come up with your routine. Make it elaborate, watch famous routines for inspiration. Torville and Dean, Moir and Virtue, Lauzin and Dubrieul.


the coach should film the final performance!


Post your video to Instagram and tag #LASnowball and @thesnowballparty! Ice dancing spicy spice


Lastly, google "Pershing Square Redesign" and see what this square will become.


Some fun facts about Pershing Square:


In the 1850s, the location was used as a camp by settlers from outside the Pueblo de Los Angeles, which lay to the northeast around the Our Lady Queen of the Angels' church, the Los Angeles Plaza, and present-day Olvera Street. Surveyors drew the site as 10 individual plots of land, but in practicality it was a single 5-acre (20,000 m2) parcel. Canals distributing water from the Zanja Madre were adjacent. In 1866 the site was dedicated as a public square by Mayor Cristobal Aguilar; it was called La Plaza Abaja, or "The Lower Plaza."[1] At some point the owner of a nearby beergarden, German immigrant George "Roundhouse" Lehman, planted small native Monterey cypress trees, fruit trees, and flowering shrubs in the park and maintained them until his death in 1882.[1]