Welcome to Hauser & Wirth! Look for snow patroller sarah outside the front entrance on 3rd street.


You have just entered a collection of buildings that were built in the late 19th & early 20th century that used to house the Globe Grain & Milling company. When it was built, this wheat factory signified one of the first steps of industrialization in California who was just coming off of it’s speculative Gold Rush and entering into an age of agricultural growth.


Now it’s home to Hauser & Wirth - an international art gallery dedicated to contemporary and modern art. Today is the opening party for an exhibit of work by French-American artist Louise Bourgeois.

The gallery says:

“For Bourgeois, colors were symbolic of distinct emotional states, and could be deployed to communicate in profound subliminal ways. Red represented for her ‘the intensity of the emotions involved,’ and was often synonymous with pain. She equated it with blood, violence, danger, shame, jealousy, and depression, when she wrote, ‘Depth of depression is measured by your attraction to red.’”

As a group, check out Bourgeois’ art and then use it as inspiration to connect with color. Roam the party and look the following colors:






Millennial Pink




If you see a fellow party-goer rocking a color on your list, ask if they’ll share a selfie with you. If they do, make sure to share and tag#LASnowball and @thesnowballparty!