Welcome to Wurstkuche!


Grab a beer and some fries.  Sausages are on you.   Use the paper provided to write a letter to your a version of yourself in the past.  8 years old? 14 years old? 22 years old? 45 years old?


What would you tell that version of you?  

Have you achieved what you set out to achieve?  

What advice would you give?  

What were your fears?  

What were your hopes?

How is that version of you this version of you?

What would that version say to this version of yourself that would make you go forward today?


When you have written some cool letters, share them with each other. Share your favorite sentence of your partner’s letter with us on instagram (#LASnowball / @TheSnowballParty). Then give your letter to someone tonight. A Snowballer, a stranger, a post office worker, but someone you think is worthy of the gift of your wisdom. If you are comfortable with it, leave your address so that they can write a letter back to you.