Hello and welcome to Arts District Brewing Co., a fixture in the LA craft brew scene since it opened in 2015.


Grab a beer, if you’re so inclined, and head to the game room. It’s time for a competition! Arts District Brewing is home to 15 restored vintage Skeeball machines and you’re now in the possession of a fistful of quarters.


We know you’re going to crush this tournament of Skeeball, but in the name of Valentine’s Day, we want you to think about some other crushes too. Namely, all the ones who broke your heart and never called you back and weren’t good enough for you anyway, dammit!

Before each roll, you must announced to the group:

“I dedicate this ball to [insert name of crush here],” and then Skeeball the pain away.

If you run out of IRL crushes, dive deep into your reserve of celebrity crushes and let that shit go. Because Justin Timberlake just isn’t that into you. (But again, with that lackluster Superbowl Halftime performance, do you care anymore?!) 

Keep score - whoever wins is clearly the most well-adjusted among you. Revel in your resiliency, Snowballer!


Make sure to snap some pics of your arcade-tharsis and tag #LASnowball and @thesnowballparty!