welcome to snowball



Hello and welcome to Yogurtland.   Stand outside by the entrance.

Have you been here before? What are the toppings that YOU get? What do they say about your personality? Discuss for a few minutes.

Then, find a subject or two or five entering Yogurtland. Tell them that you are in an event and your challenge is to be be Yogurt consultants for people’s toppings. Once they agree, really make the effort help them. As you know, it’s not easy. Perfect balance is important. Help them find the right yogurt, the right balance, the right toppings. Ask them life questions, to inform the right toppings.   


  1. Ask them about where they are from.

  2. Do you believe in love?

  3. Do you believe in life after love?

  4. What is your favorite love story?

  5. Help them find the right topping




Finally take a picture with your Yogurt client and post to IG.   Tag @thesnowballparty and #LASnowball.