welcome to snowball


Welcome to POPKILLER Second.


This iconic LA shop has been around since 2003 and specializes in importing and creating vintage accessories, gifts, costumes, and novelties with a splash of Japanese culture.


Go inside. Take a look around. While you’re doing this start patting your head and rubbing your belly. It’s fine. You should find a few other Snowballers doing it too! Once you’ve found your group then the fun really starts.


Create Your Superhero!


You all have been accepted into Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and it’s alright to finally reveal your secret superpower. Now don’t go blowing up the store or anything like that - you are still in your street clothes, people might recognize you!


Head towards the back of the store. Popkiller is known for having some pretty killer costumes, but form relates to function. That’s something you should have learned in 9th grade biology and it’s true for superheros too.


Split up and each find a costume that makes you feel like you possess the following superpowers. Make sure to show each round to your fellow Snowballers and snap a photo, too!

  1. The power of Super-Bravery

  2. The power of flight

  3. The power to read minds

  4. The power to remain as chill amidst chaos as Hillary Clinton during the Benghazi hearings

  5. The power to actually make it to anywhere in LA in 20 minutes

Make sure you take lots of photos - you’ll want them for the X-Men reunion party for sure. Now choose your own superpowers and pick out the perfect disguise. Snap a group photo that would make the Avengers proud and be sure to post it and #LASnowball and tag @thesnowballparty!