welcome to snowball


Welcome to 82.  

Find one of our favorite classics Frogger, and casually ask those around you “Pardon me, do you have any gray poupon?” Once you’ve found your other gray poupon loving friends, snap a quick photo and send it back to us!

Be sure to post some fun photos and remember to #LASnowball and tag @thesnowballparty

 Grab some quarters, possibly a few drinks at the bar if you’re so inclined, and be sure to check out both sides of the bar. There’s some pretty awesome pinball action in the back!


Here are some fun facts about the year 1982 (the high point of the "golden age of arcade games," according to LA weekly's review of 82). As you play games, share these facts and get to know your fellow snowballers by asking them the questions below.


  • FACT: Time Magazine names the Man of the Year as the Computer.

QUESTION:  What changed with the computer?  What is good about computers?  What is bad?  Talk to each other about your computers.  


  • FACT: First ever CD player is sold in Japan.

  • QUESTION:  What is your music collection like?  What do you listen to?  Who are your top five groups?  Do you have a favorite song. Talk about the evolution of your music collection goddmanit.


  • FACT: Emoticons are created!  

QUESTION:  How do you feel about Emoticons?  Do you have a favorite emoticon?


  • FACT: ET Came out.  Great movie, no?   

QUESTION: How do you feel about Aliens?  Do you think they exist? What will they do if/when they arrive?


  • FACT: the most popular toys that Christmas were Strawberry Shortcake, Smurfs, My Little Pony, BMX Bikes, Trivial Pursuit, and Sequence.

QUESTION:  What was your favorite toy as a kid?  What are you favorite toys now?


  • FACT: The top ten baby names Jennifer, Jessica, Amanda, Sarah, Melissa, Michael, Chris, Topher, Matthew, Jason, David.  

QUESTION: What do you think the most popular names are in 2017?  See if you can guess them.