welcome to snowball


Welcome to the Little Tokyo Marketplace.

We love this mall.  

And we feel like everyone should know about it.  

Head to the 2nd floor and make yourself comfortable in the massage chairs. Yes this is a mall with massage chairs! If you find that there are some annoying people already camped out there - you should say hi! They’re just here for some good massages too!

Once you’ve made some real friends, we’re going to build an imaginary friend to tell all about it!

This is the Build a Snowballer Round

There’s actually a ton of great stores to shop in… We’d suggest starting at Daiso (on the first level). It’s the Japanese version of the 99cent store and it’s WAY more awesome. Also feel free to wander. H Mart has a lot of interesting things to look at as well.

Using the allocated budget, build a rad Snowballer to bring along for the party tonight.  They must have a “breat” name (both beautiful and great) but more importantly a soul.  What are they into?  What made them want to do Snowball?  Take your new comrade around the mall, take pictures of them in fun spots.  Post them to Instagram and tag @thesnowballparty with the hashtag #lasnowball.