welcome to snowball


Welcome to the Arts District Co-Op.  


Pretty cool space, huh? It’s an eclectic mix of retail concepts in a communal environment designed to foster both creativity and commerce.


Now in 2012 artist Colette Miller launched her Global Angel Wings Project right here in Downtown L.A.’s Arts District. She began painting street art wings to “remind humanity that we are all the angels of Earth.” Since then it’s idea has taken flight around the world and inspired many a creative conversation & photograph. It’s time for you too to take flight - find your fellow snowballers by Colette’s pair of wings (don’t aspire to inspire yet…) and snap a quick photograph to let us know you’ve found your guardian angels for the day.


Head on into the co-op and do a little shopping at this unique boutique. If there’s some cool tunes playing be sure to check it out and don’t be afraid to let the music move you. Whirl, swing, strut, jump, hop, and two-step your way into some inspired dance moves.


Now that you’re relaxed and feeling energized, make sure to find your way over to the Fenix and check out their cool collection of wanderlust-y scented candles. Scents are the most sensitive of all the senses! (Try saying that 10x fast…) but research has shown that 75% of all emotions are triggered by smell - and they can help us recall all sorts of long lost memories.


Find the Scents That Move You


Take turns smelling all of the candles - then each person secretly picks a candle that they love. Now - describe your favorite scent to your partners with 3 distinct phrases or riddles.


From that point you can ask each other yes or no questions until you figure it out!


Once you’ve guessed your snowballers favorite fragrance - share your story of why you love your scent so much. Is it inspired by a childhood memory? A moment of falling in love? Your favorite travel experience?


Take a photo and post to #LASnowball and tag @thesnowballparty