welcome to snowball


Welcome to Art Share LA.


Meet your partner in the entryway then proceed into the gallery.


Take a tour of the art. How does it make you feel? Take a tour of the gallery. Ask yourselves:


  1. Do you like each piece?

  2. What do you think the artist was trying to say?

  3. What is the value of art in our world?

  4. What are you favorite pieces of art?

  5. What kind of artist are you?

  6. What do you think the artist had to eat on the day they finished these pieces?

  7. What is the artist’s best friend like? What’s their mom like?

  8. When did the artist last cry and about what?


Once you’ve discussed, head back outside and make a video review of the show incorporating the thoughts from your discussion and share it on Instagram. Make sure to tag #LASnowball and @thesnowballparty!