6 Reasons to Try The Snowball Party

1. There is potential for love.

Forget Tinder and get social in person. You're embarking on an unpredictable adventure with complete strangers. There is no telling who you will meet. It is quite possible you could find your soul mate. 

2. Explore your city.

Expect a thrilling adventure through your city with new and surprising stops while you collect new friends. Avoid a cliche evening in LA and get a little weird!


3. make new friends.

Connect with strangers in a low-pressure environment where you fit in because everyone is "the new guy".  

4. Get out of your comfort zone.

The best things in life come by taking risks so make a fool of yourself, face your fears, and explore. What do you have to lose? 

5. Experience the unknown.

The snowball party is guaranteed to be unique. You may start at a laundromat and end up with a full Beyonce dance routine. 

6. Learn new things.

Since the snowball party is impossible to predict, you never know what new tricks you'll learn or what incredibly interesting people you'll meet. 

If you want to try The Snowball Party in Los Angeles, time is running out. Purchase your tickets here!