welcome to snowball


Welcome to silverlake lounge, one of LA's premier dive bars. This is the start of your adventure! Your first task is to find your teammates. meet toward the end of the bar, farthest from the door. If you’re having trouble, check in with mario behind the bar.

so check this out: the silverlake lounge hosts an open mic called "wasted afternoons" (perfect, no?) on sundays and it starts at 5pm. Until then, get to know each other and warm up by each telling your favorite joke. and if one of you brave souls can finagle your way into the open mic, do it! let mario know and he'll get you on.just remember, you've got to hit the road by 5:15 to get to your next location. stay tuned for texts!

post fun pictures or videos of your amazing amateur standup routines to #LASnowball and @thesnowballparty!