welcome to snowball


Welcome to THE HOLLOWAY! This is the start of your adventure! Your first task is to find your teammateS. If you’re having trouble, try MEETING BY THE SHUFFLE BOARD TABLE. the bartenders are expecting you, too, so check in with them if you need any help.

The holloway is a great place to watch sports (and get a little too aggressive at shuffle board). break the ice by playing a round or pondering some sporting questions:

1. Sports. Love 'em or hate 'em?

2. Dodgers or Angels?

3. Lakers or Clippers?

4. (We can't believe we're typing this) Chargers or Rams?!

5. (We REALLY can't believe we're typing this) Galaxy or LA FC??!?

Snap a pic of your team for posterity and share it  #LASnowball and @thesnowballparty!