welcome to snowball



Welcome to Aspen Kitchen. Head out to the beautiful deck and find your partners, then high-five and say “Snowball!” Let someone from the staff know you’re with Snowball. Oh yeah. Give them a high five as well. These guys at Aspen Kitchen are great! They’ll bring you some delightful drinks to enjoy. While you get to know each other, score yourself a napkin and pen. Create a team Haiku about the people in the restaurant, maybe write about the deck. It’s a great deck. Once finished, nominate (using a democratic voting system) on who will read the Haiku. Record a video of the reading and make a Video...Post to instagram and tag @thesnowballparty #AspenSnowball #Aspenkitchen. You guys are doing great!


Oh still have some time? Check out all the games! There’s Giant Jenga and Cornhole!! Aspen Kitchen has one of town’s best decks,, so drink in the view while you challenge each other.