welcome to snowball


Hello, you beautiful Snow Monster!  Welcome to CLARKS!

Follow these shopping steps below...

 1. Find the item you were texted. Now roam the store to locate your fellow Snowballer; they also have one item in their cart. If your carts seem to compliment each other, introduce yourself, high five and say “Snowball!”.


2. Once you find your snowball match, get someone to take a photo of you too together holding your items and tag: @thesnowballparty @messengeraspen #aspensnowball post that up on Instagram. You guys did it! This is going great and it’s just the start!  


3. Now take both your carts over to the freezer section.


4. Are you there? …..Okay great.


5. While here, talk about the coldest person you've ever met. Open the freezer and feel the chilled air, tell your fellow Snowballer why this person was cold.


If you still have time, talk about how you approach the grocery store. Do you B-Line, zig-zag, circle? We all attack our prey differently. We’re just animals, aren’t we? Anyway, check out the Snow-BINGO in your packet. Can you cross off anything?