welcome to snowball


Hello, you beautiful Snow Monster! Welcome to Carl's Pharmacy.  You get one of the favorite Snowball tasks: BUILD A SNOWBALLER!

Although the two of you will hopefully become fast friends, we firmly believe that one can never have too many friends. So, take the money enclosed and work together to build your own imaginary snowball friend. , Do whatever your imagination can cook up! Tape or twine will help hold your baller together (make sure it is sturdy as you will have to keep your new friend with you all night) and don't forget to give 'em a face, a name, and of course, a magical life story! Just be sure you follow safety protocols! The only real limitations are that you only have 20 minutes and $10 to make your perfect imaginary friend a reality. You must take your snowballer along for the rest of the night.  Honor them.  Sing a song to them.  They are holy! 


Don’t forget to take a photo with your new friend and post it on instagram! Tag us at #LASnowball / @TheSnowballParty and tell us all about your new buddy!


Good luck!