welcome to snowball


Oh hello there! and welcome to HOOCH Find the clock in the room and belly up to the bar underneath it. Introduce yourself to bartender, he’s great, he’s going to make you a delicious cocktail. Ask him what HOOCH means. Here you will find your snowball partner. Make sure to high five and say SNOWBALL!

  • Play a game of MASH on a cocktail napkin.

“When the going get’s weird, the weird turn professional” - Dr. H.S.T


Ready, set, GO!



  1. The game starts by either player writing out the title MASH at the top of a piece of paper.

  2. Both players contribute to writing a list of categories like where you live, how many kids you have, who you marry, and what your job is.

  3. Each player thinks of three answers for each category, and writes them in a column under the category title.

  4. Player 2 then begins to draw a swirl on a separate piece of paper. Player 1 says "Stop", at a time he/she chooses after waiting at least 3 seconds, and player 2 stops and draws a line through the swirl from the endpoint to the starting point. They then count how many times the swirl intercepts the line drawn.

    1. Alternatively, player 2 will make tally marks instead of drawing a swirl. When player 1 says 'Stop', player 2 stops drawing marks and counts them.

  5. Player 1 or 2 counts each item down the page (starting with the MASH), and crosses off the answer that they land on. For instance, if four lines were counted in the swirl, every fourth answer is crossed off the list. This continues until there is only one item in each category. Each letter in the title is considered an answer and should be crossed off accordingly.

  6. The remaining items are considered to define the Player 1's future.


Vote on who has the most exciting life ahead of them and snap a picture of that person holding up their MASH sheet. Post it to instagram, and don’t forget to tag us!! @thesnowballparty @messengeraspen @hoochaspen #aspensnowball


REMEMBER Snowball is very time sensitive. Open your Clue #2 no earlier than 5:45 no later than 5:45.


Once you have your team, your first task is to make a music video. Since you are on the top of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, this music video is going to be Disney themed. As a group, pick your favorite Disney song and sing it! You may sing together or take turns singing lines. Feel free to get creative and use this beautiful location. Once you are done post the video and any fun pictures you took to #LASnowball and @thesnowballparty!