welcome to snowball


Hello and welcome to Aether. 

Hi! Welcome to Aether Aspen. Have a sweet meet-and-greet with our Aether friends. These guys are GREAT! You’ll meet your Snowball partner here probably hanging around the FAT TIRE BIKE. Once you’ve introduced yourselves, seal the deal with a loud high five (key is to focus on the elbow) and say SNOWBALL! Try it again but this time high five while you’re both in the air.


Okay the tough work is done. Relax, have a great drink. Ask about the marshmallow bow and arrows. Have one of the workers film a slow-mo western style stand off. You know, the ones where you’re back-to-back, take 5 steps and turn and shoot. The more dramatic the better. Really think about the angle at which the video is being shot. Post this video of yourselves on instagram and tag: @aetherapparel @messengeraspen @thesnowballparty #aspensnowball

#LASnowball and @thesnowballparty!