welcome to snowball


Find your partner outside the Aspen Police Department on Main Street and give them a high 5 and say "Snowball!" I bet you’re nervous. Don’t be. You haven’t done anything wrong. Loiter on the steps in front of the station and get to know each other. Is loitering there legal? We hope not ;)


-Have either of you ever been in a police station before?

-Are either of your familiar with Hunter S. Thompson?

-What if he had won and became Sheriff?

-Do you think things would be different in Aspen? How so?


Anyway we’re diverging….is it 5:25 yet? If you haven’t been greeted (please wait till at least 5:25), go to the phone located outside of the Police Station, dial the front desk and ask for Terry Leitch.


He’ll take it from here.


Some good questions for cops:


  1. What are all the things on your belt?

  2. Who is the most famous person to ever spend the night in jail?

  3. You must learn three police terms “methods”

  4. What is the most heroic moment of your job?

  5. What sucks the most about your job?

  6. Which crimes do you hate having to arrest or cite people for, and, conversely, what do you think is an underreported but dire criminal scourge on society today?


After your tour, take a photo with Terry and tag @AspenPolice @thesnowballparty @messengeraspen #AspenSnowball


At 5:45 sharp, open your Clue #2, and have Terry drop you off at your next location.