“A surprisingly low pressure way to make connections, meet someone, or get to know the city a little better…ingenious.” – LA Weekly


Your snowball will start at an exact time (don’t be late!!!)

With each invitee meeting a pre-assigned partner at a special location (i.e. fortune teller, a laundromat, a bell tower).

Here’s how it works:

A select, even number of people will be invited (secure your spots early!).

Complete Your First Task

Once you’ve paired up, a text message will assign you a fun task to complete together.

Start snowballing!

Soon you’ll Snowball with another pair and receive instructions on the next unpredictable part of your Snowball experience.

New-Found Tribes

The groups of FOUR will later morph into tight-knit bands of EIGHT.

Saunter into packs

The bands of EIGHT explore their new-found tribes and then saunter into packs of SIXTEEN.

Snowball into one!

Your completely unique impossible-to-predict “eventing” will climax at a mystery final destination.

Ready to Snowball?

Explore new pathways. Unleash your fearless curiosity. Grab some analog in the digital.